ANIMAL INSTINCT is a series of decontextualized animal portraits using the sea or other natural graphic elements. All artworks in these series are composed of original photographic elements (direct experience of the author), animations, sound, video and edition by Kantfish.


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ABOUT KANTFISH – Kantfish is an Italian visual digital artist working with images, videos, films and writing.

His artworks result from photography, new media, video, animations, and personal digital techniques. They are a mix of documentary elements, reports as well as creative solutions of lights, and personal approach. Kantfish observes reality in its full complexity, by questioning everything. For him, reality does not exist without an observer. In his artworks, the «real» becomes something inspiring «more than real». In a way that it captures the multi-layers which he believes reality is based on.

As a creative author, he believes in the Renaissance idea of a broad and transversal culture. He uses the latest technology, software, and AI since he believes these are the most powerful tools to express the result of his researches, emotions, and points of view.

His images have been published by major media in Italy, Spain, UK, USA or Portugal (L’Espresso, El País Semanal, Rolling Stone, Guardian, Foreign Policy, XL Semanal…). He has participated in solo and collective exhibitions at international awards of plastic arts. Kantfish is awarded director, he has produced and directed a feature-length documentary, two short films and several art videos, selected at 30 international festivals and awarded with a Merit Award (California) and a Audience Prize (Germany).

Kantfish is also a published-book writer. His last book is “Crypto Jungle – The Amazing Travel to Understand the Revolution”,  about the exciting explosion of the crypto revolution. []

His emotion images are distributed and sold internationally. The artworks in his collection reflect the experiences he has lived in different continents, moving us to situations in which «the real» turns «More Than Real». The images aim to be aesthetically impacting on top of their content, to trigger seducing and deeply inspiring dreams, new real horizons, and new possible experiences.