“Moralities of Everyday Life”, Psychology and Cognitive Science. Yale University, professor Paul Bloom. EEUU, 2020.

“Master Documentary and Artistic Photography. EFTI, Photography and Image Technique School. Madrid, 2008/9.

MS in Law by the Università degli Sudi di Perugia, Italy. Thesis “Therapeutic cloning as a legal matter”. 2002.

Advanced Professional Digital Course. EFTI, Madrid, 2008.

Participation in Erasmus scholarship-project, at the Universidad Carlos III, Madrid, 1998-99.

Course “Introduction to Curatorship”, Valentina Moreno. 2017.

Registered in the “National Association of Journalists”, Rome, since 2002.

Course “Marketing for Artists”, Juan Curto. 2017. 

Advanced University Course in “Design Thinking”. Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid, 2018.

Course “Edition of Photo Books”, Gonzalo Golpe, Rubén García-Castro y Gonzalo Hernández. 2017.

Course “WEB Positioning in Search Engines in the Advertising Sector, SEO-SEM”, Euroformac, Ministry EySS Spain, 2018.

Diploma “Expert in Cultural Business Management”, Universidad de Palma de Gran Canaria, 2012.

Gonzaga Palermo High School – Tommaso Campanella Reggio Calabria, 1986-95.

Diploma “Grading with DaVinci”. LensEscuela, 2018.