My artworks are windows to other worlds, real or “more than real”.

They represent the need to think how and why we must act to change our reality. They are the demonstration that it is never possible to determine all aspects from a single point of view, as Heisenberg’s theory of indeterminacy reminds us, and for this reason we always have the possibility of discovering a new essence of reality.
My pictures offer spaces for traveling, exploring and interpreting and are the result of observations, reflections, analyses and intuitions.

They represent everyday places from all over the world, different visions of intimate details, interpretations of unreal situations and sublime moments that could not be missed. I remain in contemplation of aesthetics, in search of the divine beauty, the conscience, that is wisdom and embed in them the force of the action: the Energīa.

Images are not just photographs. They are images, in fact. I like to call them that, because photography is only part of my creation process. Before the click can happen decades may pass  and after the click an image remains in me and on my screen the time necessary to develop personal techniques, to work it, to reflect on it, to arrive at what I want to express in the most effective way.

My metabolism times are two-year average. My vision is humanistic, holistic and looks with the amplitude of the ὅλος, the totality, because reality is complex and one must understand the soul, not only each element that composes it.
I am the reflection of what I learned under the sun, immersed in the sea accompanied by the singing of Sirens of Ulysses, among the columns of the amphitheaters of Magna Grecia, on the trains running to the north, in the intense colours of the literature, even in the Pirandelian games of Sicily.

In every situation, I submerge and go out again. With empathy, rapport, respect, I approach and patiently wait, in a maieutic way, that the work is born. Each image is an unforeseen adventure.

I believe in the reports designed for large media and in the ability of art to be free and to transmit passions that go beyond the rational. I believe in new communication techniques to “translate and get”. I believe in the instants of Ran Ortner,, those built by Jan Saudek, the whites of Richard Avedon, the compositions and colors of Franco Fontana, the defocus of Plossu Bernard, in the visual search of Michael Najjar. I am referring to fashion aesthetics, trends, urban artists like Banksy, to the different narrative of Ryszard Kapuściński, to the audacity of Nobuyoshi Araki, to the alternative and novel formulas of Joe Sacco or Art Spiegelman who tell stories already known in a highly shocking way or the delirium of the lost roads of David Lynch.

I do all this to understand and evolve.
To record a greater chromatics range and an ever wider range of grays. To reflect on the contrasts. To nourish myself, to be more solid, to celebrate the fact that I am alive. To confirm that wonderful complexity always leads us to find new points of view. The effect of gathering the points, spinning stories, and inspiring, is to push the viewer to seek their intimate part and leave their instinct free to enter other realities.
It is a way to create bubbles and not get lost in useless beliefs.