Reality does not exist without an observer. Observing attentively is the first step to change things.

In my artworks the real landscape of photography transforms into an abstraction where the object becomes the subject. The usual gaze of photography turns into expression.

Shapes keep their natural movement and colour balance. Knowledge is not limited to the surface, it penetrates the layers of reality proving that expression resides in the content. My artworks are open windows to other worlds, real or “more than real”.

I observe reality challenging and doubting everything, I question and seek what inspires me relevant reflections and thoughts.

I am interested in reconsidering the importance of details, the attentive relationship with nature, the human behavior in his environment. My images, in extreme freedom, are the result of photography combined with a personal digital technique.

My artworks are the fruit of documentary studies, of published report works, of nature related topics and creative researches. They offer a space for travel, for exploring and interpreting, for reconsidering. Represented in them there are everyday places from around the world, nature in its multiple senses, different views of intimate details, interpretations of unreal situations and sublime moments.

I seek divine beauty in the world, I seek consciousness, which is not an ornament, it is wisdom.   

Heisenberg’s Principle of Uncertainty proves that it is never possible to determine every aspect from just one single point of view. The possibility of discovering a new essence of reality or new possible avenues is always there. The new frontiers of quantum physics also fill us up with doubts, hopes and thoughts about our reality.

I am Italian and I cannot forget that it was in Italy that the Umanesimo was born in the XIV and XV centuries, and that still today this movement sheds its beneficial light on the world. “The aspiration to maximize human prosperity, health, freedom, happiness, knowledge, love, can be called humanism. It is humanism that indicates us what we should reach with our knowledge. It is this humanism, born in the Age of Reason, that led to the creation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in France, England and the US, regaining relevance after the Second World War favouring the birth of cooperation agencies”, as the psychologist Steven Pinker wrote.  

As an author, I believe in the Renaissance idea of a wide and cross vision of culture. My vision is humanistic, holistic, interpreting with the extent of the ὅλος, the totality, because reality is complex and one must understand the soul, the emotion hiding in it when you feel all of it, not just considering each one of its components. I am the reflection of what I learned under the sun, immersed in the sea accompanied by the singing of the Syrens of Ulysses, among the columns of the amphitheaters of the Magna Grecia, on the trains running to the North, in the intense colours of literature, even in the Pirandellian games of Sicily. I dive in every situation and I come out again.  

With empathy, with understanding, with respect, I approach and await patiently, in a maieutic way, that the artwork is born. I believe in the instants of Ran Ortner, in those built by Jan Saudek, in the whites of Richard Avedon, in the compositions and colours by Franco Fontana, in the soft focus of Plossu Bernard, in the visual research of Michael Najjar. I refer to fashion aesthetics, trends, urban artists like Banksy, to the different narrative of Ryszard Kapuściński, to the audacity of Nobuyoshi Araki, to the alternative and novel formulas of Joe Sacco or Art Spiegelman that tell already known stories in a highly impacting manner or to the delirium of lost roads of David Lynch in the attention of Andréi Tarkovski.

I do all this to understand and evolve. To celebrate the fact that I am alive. To unite points, to narrate stories and be inspired. And to inspire a change.