“I like to place these art images in the spaces of daily life or exhibitions, to generate an immediate impact that inspires to break away in an intimate seduction that induces to dream”.


Kantfish, Emanuele Giusto, is an Italian multidisciplinary visual artist, reporter, author. His images have been selected in prestigious photographic awards such as the Caja Extremadura Obra Abierta International Plastic Art Award and have been published in the main media outlets in Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States, such as L’Espresso, XL Semanal, El País Semanal, Rolling Stone, Il Messaggero, Foreign Policy, Guardian or Exame, among others.
He is an author published by the renowned publisher Feltrinelli, in Italy, where he published his research “La Vuelta a Europa con 30 €” and by Grupo Planeta’s editorial Lunwerg, which published his images of Angola from the series “Far West Luanda”.

His images have been distributed and represented by agencies such as Contacto, Associated Press, Notimex or the 4/d Arty gallery showroom, gallery,, Vi-art or LEG UP. He has collaborated, directed and made installations in collaborative art projects such as the Asturian Paraisurural, where art meets the rural world and nature.

He is a journalist of the Official National Association of Italian Journalists since 2002. He has worked for and collaborated with national and international magazines and media, TV and radio. He has worked as video artist and photographer for important social institutions such as FAO of the United Nations (official video of the World Water Day).

 He also works on international publishing projects, for agencies and brands.

Kantfish, Emanuele Giusto, is an Italian multidisciplinary author who believes in the Renaissance idea of ​​a broad and transversal culture. Deeply interested in humanities, anthropology and philosophy, he researches and observes in his worldwide experiences to find the way to interpret the complexity of reality and of human psychology.

Kantfish combines documentary elements, reports, with personal digital techniques and concepts of modern pop culture to find the way to inspire a reflection on the thin line between what we see and what it could be in reality if we had another perspective. His images express a positive view of a metaphoric reality.

Kantfish explores other fields in art and communication.

In film production he has directed the feature documentary El Dulce Sabor del Éxito, that offers a reflection on the concept of Success in our society, with the tenor Plácido Domingo, the actress Rossy de Palma, the philosopher Fernando Savater, the photographer Alberto García-Alix, the artist Pilar Albarracín, the psychologist Martin Seligman and the buddhist Matthieu Ricard, among others. The film is in its post-production phase. He has also produced and directed two short films, non-fiction ALMAmATER and the documentary Nobody Like Athens.

He is active in art with his photography art catalogue represented by 4D/Arty, Vi-art, Saatchi, Flecha and LEG UP.

He has eclectic experiences in different continents, from Africa to Asia, as a reporter, editorial and project manager.

In Spain he has co-founded five startups and directed or co-directed different projects in visual field.
He holds a MS in Law (Universidad degli Studi di Perugia), doctoral thesis Therapeutic cloning as a legal matter. He also completed the International Master of Artistic and Documentary Photography and Image Technique, at EFTI School in Madrid.