Exhibition “Travels by Kantfish” at the architectural installation in Madrid Design Festival OFF 2019, at the out-of-context spaces of Pangea, Madrid.

Exhibition and Finalist Award with artwork “Movimiento Linear de Salida” at the prestigious photography award International Prize of Plastic Art Obra Abierta de Caja Extremadura 2012.

Exhibition of the curated NFT artwork “RocketShip”, as part of the collective exhibition “Regenera” at Guinovart Gallery in Barcelona, 2022.

Exhibition of the selected NFT artwork “Metropolis”, as part of the collective virtual exhibition “NFTsART” at Arte Informado, curated by Marisol Salanova, 2022.

MICROVIDEO AWARDS AT FUNDACIÓN CANAL of Madrid, as part of the TELEMADRID AWARDS, theme “Eat the water”. Screening of No Water, No Food by Emanuele Giusto.

Exhibition of the artwork Nadir (2012) at Serrano 101. 4d/Arty, 2017.

His images have been distributed and exhibited at the showroom 4d/Arty (Ortega y Gasset 56, Madrid) by Eva Ruiz, 2006-2016.

Installation at Paraisurural III, work Ustica: Another dimension on the island of Homero. Images, sound and audiovisual installed in an “hórreo” in Vallinaoscura, Valdediós, Villaviciosa, Asturias. Artistic project Paraisurural III Edition, 2016.

Screening of the Video Water Tanzania (2013). National Gallery of Art, Bangalore, India. 2015

Quixote Expo Around The World Instituto Cervantes – Video and showing in 30 cities around the world of the reading in Italian of a superb fragment about Poetry, from Don Quixote, 2015.

Europolis Exhibition (July-September) at the “Círculo de Bellas Artes” in Madrid. Sibila work, Nobody Like Athens series. 2013.

Collective exhibition, artwork New World 2013 of the collection Phrónesis@BM. Galería Cero, Madrid.

Images and video installation Humanitas, in ParaiSurural Vallinaoscura, Villaviciosa, Asturias. 2013.

Installation Hórreo Apple Tree.

Video screening Image Forest, in the José Cardín Fernández Foundation. ParaiSurural, Villaviciosa, 2012.

Showing of the VideoArt Resistencia, 2012. KomunicArte festival of the Hybrida Art Festival, 2012.

Exhibition, catalogue in the art project Imprint Mgzn. Project funded by the campaign Benetton’s Foundation Unhate, 2012.

Showing and performance MedioGüeyu International Film Festival Art. Videos “Stress” and “Tree Climbing Goats”-Teatro Riera de Villaviciosa, 2013.

Collective Exhibition “Art Center Madrid Alcorcón”. Artwork Nocturno Hu (rba)(ma) no, 2009.

Actor singer in the lyric work Boris Годуновъ, Boris Godunov by Modest Musorgski, based on the drama by Aleksandr Pushkin. Teatro Massimo Company (Palermo), 12 interpretations in Teatro Politema, Palermo, 1986.


23 International Festivals with the non-fiction short film ALMAmATER (2014), the documentary short film Nobody Like Athens (2013), Water Tanzania (2013) and video art music Chaos (2012). Los Angeles, NYC, Singapore, París, Barcelona, Bucharest, Valencia, Beirut, Santo Domingo, Queen City, Petaluma, Rome Cortona. 2014-2016.

Audience Award. #Viewster Film Fest – Switzerland Germany – Audience WINNER with the non-fiction short film ALMAmATER, 2014.

Finalist of the HVM International Festival of Rome-Cortona artistic director Luca ZingarettiTeatro Signorelli, Rome Cortona Italy. Nadie Como Atenas, 2013.

Finalist Roberto Villagraz Award. Report images series Cinematographic Vision of Malawi, 2008.

Finalist Literary Award Concorso Internazionale Cesare De Lollis dedicated to the memory of Oriana Fallaci with the book “Il giro d’Europa con 30€”, Feltrinelli Publishing House, Italy, 2009.