Speaker. ParaiSurural, Strategies for a sustainable rural development. La Casa Encendida, 2017.

Speaker at COAM College of Architects of Madrid at the Meeting Culture and Citizenship of the Ministry of Culture, Spain. Co-presented with Myrem Gonzales, audiovisual showing of the Paraisurural III as selected project, 2016.

Masterclass An Image. A Frame. A narrative flow. Espacio Galería Unonueve, Madrid, 2014.

Masterclass From photography to storytelling. Espacio Galería Unonueve, Madrid, 2014.

Masterclass and screening of ALMAmATER, 2014. “El Torito de Moratalaz Cultural Center”, Madrid, 2016.

Screening at “La Casa Encendida”, Madrid, 2014.

Publication in the scientific journal Espacio Tiempo y Forma of images about painter Valentín Cardereras, 2014.

Nebrija University of Fine Arts Madrid video Image forest, 2012. ParaiSurural doc, screening, 2013.

Publication in the Catalogue Al Norte Awards and Scholarship of El Comercio. Gijón, Asturias, 2012.