Melodia is the visualization of the metaphor of rebirth. A study of colors, a game of harmonies, of open spaces, infinite, in a blinding sun light that characterizes the entire series. After tough moments, life starts again immersed in the dream and inner exploration.



Melodia takes place at an exceptional place in Italy. This valley had in 2018 its biggest color explosion of the last 10 years. This place is the current symbol of rebirth. A small village surrounded by an extensive poetic and inspiring plain. A terrible earthquake demolished the houses and lowered by 70 centimeters the small hill where this center, populated by 150 souls since the Middle Ages, had been created. In 2018, life was coming back little by little with force to this pure and mystical place.

Every image acquired comes with a certificate of authenticity and a personal letter. 
All artworks are sealed with their authenticity number. 

Every image is the expression of a story, a concept, it is the reflection of an experience I have searched for a concrete reason.

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