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Travelling is a passage of emotional state. 

It is the poetry of living, a reflection, an essay. It is knowledge. It is art. It is memories.

Travel and design, architecture, technology and art, report, they are all at the center of the installation Travels by KANTFISH made by the architecture studio Naza A&D at Pangea The Travel Store.

In this installation the place of the reports by the visual artist Kantfish are taken out of context, in order to lead art, experiences and stories to an unusual place, adapted to a modern space, at street level and easily available for the audience. A space that merges languages, that opens new windows to understand other real worlds that turn into More Than Real through the peculiar gaze of the author.

The installation design questions the existence of a unique perspective to see reality and invites us to live a static and dynamic experience. The figurative geometry turns abstract through movement, offering new perspectives, breaking anchorage to our knowledge and questioning everything in order to find a new order in the way we see the world.

It is there that travels start.

Installation of cork and leds, anamorphosis.

Surreal and unexpected life in the desert city of Nevada, the striking melody of colours in which the wounded heart of Italy is reborn, the ancient myths of Sicily in a less than 30 meters hike above 3 thousand meters of altitude and a recent, not-yet-told, story of a fantastic island full of fire, of humanity and courage, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.


Travelling through time allows us to rediscover our origins, our roots and to find ourselves with the transformation of the  object meaning in Variaciones. Pieces of furniture and ceramics, that reuse shapes of our past in order to create contemporary design objects allowing the user to participate in the creative process in order to find his or her exclusive piece.

Variaciones Furniture Design and Ceramics by the studio Naza Architecture and Design: >



Reports by Kantfish Emanuele Giusto:
Frónesis – The Burning Man theorem.
Los mitos de Sicilia – Iddu y Otra dimensión en la isla de Homero.
Fogo (Cabo Verde).
Melodía (Umbria, Italia).


Formats of the artworks >

Biography Diagram of Kantfish, by Naza A&D>

Official presentation of the Madrid Design Festival at COAM – Architects School of Madrid >